Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I think I have low pressure on the filter tanks (this does not mean to backwash filter)

A: In the spring the most common cause is a clogged impeller. This happens when debris that gets past the skimmer and pump baskets and ends up lodged in the impellar. The impeller is disc that draws the water through the pump and into the filtration system. When debris obstructs these vanes less water passes through the filter resulting in lower pressure readings. Making sure that your pump basket isn't cracked can help prevent this problem.

Q: What if I have high pressure on D.E. filter tanks?

A: When the pressure on the filter tank goes up 8-10PSI the system needs to be backwashed. Remember you must ALWAYS add D.E. after you backwash. We recommend leaving the skimmer basket in as you add 1 scoop of D.E. at a time as it will help sift the D.E.

Q: Help! I think my pool is leaking!

A: If you think your pool is leaking the best thing to try 1st is what is called a “bucket test” take a bucket of pool water & place this on the top step of the pool maintaining about the same water level as what is in the pool as this will hold the same temperature as the pool, Mark the water level in the bucket & the water level in the pool, check the water level in 24 hours with no use of the pool or rain as this will skew the results. If the water level in the bucket & the pool drop about the same, you do not have a leak it is evaporation, if the pool drops more than the bucket this indicates how much the pool is loosing above evaporation.

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